• Jumbo Bulk Bag Discharging Machine
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Jumbo Bulk Bag Discharging Machine

Jumbo bag discharging machine is widely applied in chemical, bulk drug, food, plastic, carbon black, mining, building materials like cement gypsum powder, lime powder etc. and other industries. The machine mainly deals with the discharging of powder and granulated material from the jumbo bag( big bag). Considering its simple structure, low cost and easy and convenient operation, this machine is cost-effective. In the meantime its special binary channel design can prevent the dust pervading to protect the environment.

Operation Process

Jumbo bag discharging machine uses the forklift or motor hoist to elevate the jumbo bag to the feeding hole and then starts to press the bag. After the bottom discharging opening is unfolded manually, the flow control valve and the vibrating or patting device are turned on to make sure the material in the jumbo bag falls into the below buffering hopper through its self-weight. After that, the system will use bucket elevator, screw conveyor or pneumatic conveying system to feed the material to the silo.

Main Structure

  1. Support frame
  2. Motor hoist( or other hoisting equipment from the customer like crane and forklift )
  3. Jumbo bag hanger
  4. Clampingdevice
  5. Crushing, patting, vibrating and magnetic separation(optional)
  6. Buffering silo
  7. Feedinghole can be connected to iris diaphragmand closing device
  8. Discharginghole can be connected to rotary feeding valve, disk valve, flashboard valve, vacuum conveyor, screw conveyor, manual feeding station, measuring and batching device , hopper, silo and pneumatic conveying system and etc.


  1. Simplestructure and easy to operate;
  2. According to customers’requirement,we can also help design material conveying devices after the discharging process
  3. 3. Pattingdevicecan make sure the material smoothly enter into the next process from the jumbo bag;
  4. Crusher is used to crush the agglomerated material when openingthe jumbo bag.
  5. Magnetic separator can clean impurities in the jumbo bag.
  6. Sealing type bag opening is adopted to avoid dust spreading and no heat is generated to improve the working environment and reduce the producing cost.
  7. Two controlling methods: pneumaticand electric controlling are offered to realize remote control.
  8. Applied working condition: material packed in jumbo bag with low fluidity, high moisture absorption and agglomeration. Safetyand explosion proof is ensured.
  9. Applied industry: pharmacy, food, plastic, chemical and other industries involved with powder material.